Passing through the area, navigators of the Portuguese crown noted that consisted of many reefs and made the following observation: "As you approach the ground, open your eyes" became known as Abrolhos (opeyes).

Created the Abrolhos Marine National Park that consists of five islands: Suetes and Guarita - environmental preservation areas, Santa Barbara - the only habited with trim Navy and IBAMA (Brasilian institution of environment), Redonda and Siriba, opened to the public to visit with orientation of IBAMA. It is located 52 km from Caravelas, visitors will arrive by boats authorized for this purpose. Leave Caravelas, for schooners and offshore boats (speedboats).
Diving in shallow waters over the top of chapeirões (giant reefs in the form of mushrooms growing in the sea) discover caves, this is an invitation to an experience of how to preserve the nature. Different species of fish, crustaceans and turtles. The islands of Abrolhos Archipelago serve as home for thousands of seabirds such as boobies, Guaínas, etc.
It is in this environment that happens a grand spectacle: humpback whales, which in the period from July to November come to breed in Abrolhos.